Concierge is Not Just a Word

Concierge is our word for Management Services:

We provide a list of services for our clients, meeting all the daily demands of life and more.

Anything you need, desire and want in the purchase of your home we accommodate, that is concierge to us. A full fulfillment of everything you need to make this new place your home.

Presentation for the Home and by the Agents Is Critical to the Success:

It only takes an hour of your time at the home to make sure it is presentable to all. We at Coffee Cake & Real Estate want us all to succeed including our clients to make sure we give them the BEST opportunity to achieve their goals and a good solid acceptable sale.

*If for any reason you can’t do this we have available our own concierge services that can take care of these necessities on your behalf.*

We unlike most companies have the ability to have your home renovated and updated to today’s standards and style at NO UP FRONT COST to you.

Ask us how it works.. and make your life easier with the confidence of our concierge program.

Work With Us

We are tailored to accommodate our clientele. Your purchase is an investment to better you, no matter your background or price. That’s our concierge program, to give the purchaser the most beneficial outcome, while making it a pleasurable experience. After all, this is a personal transaction. Whether it’s for an investment or your home, it has to make sense to you, and be a choice that you will be happy with in the years to come. That’s how we are different from the other brokerages, we are not working for the numbers, we are working for the clients who become friends, who refer to us when discussing with their family or friends. Come for a coffee, leave with a home.

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